Viewpoint of al-Darqu?n? regarding uncertain singularity of transmitter from most frequent ?m?m: Descriptive study


  • Ikram al-Haq Ph.D. Scholar, Department of hadith and sciences, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Dr. Abdelhamid Kharroub Chairman Department of Dawah and Islamic Culture, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.



Transmitters, Taffarud, Īmām al-Daraquṭnī, Sigularity, Narrators, al-Afrād


The Taffarud or singurality in ?ad?th sciences is one of the important and most critical type. Therefore, scholars of the ?ad?th paid it much attention and wrote number of books on the account of “al-Afr?d and al-Ghar?b a??d?th”. Many scholars like ?m?m al-Daraqu?n?, ?m?m al-Bazz?r, al-?m?m al-?abr?n? and other critics composed books on this subject. The discussion about the narrator’s uniqueness and singularity compared to other narrators from his sheikh who has many students, includes in the issue of reasoning, that a transmitter narrates a ?ad?th from that sheikh which his peers do not know about it. If a transmitter who is unique in its narration and also contains the critics of the scholars is called “Taffarud” which comes with different conditions in terms of acceptance and rejection. In that case, it is not acceptable to consider those terms as a totality and whoever takes it as such will be mistaken, as these rules must be understood in the light of the scholar’s understandings and their intention of usage. Otherwise we will eventually deviate from their methodology. This research is divided into an introduction, two articles, and a conclusion. As for the introduction, author defined the “taffarud” literally and lexically. In the first section, author explained the opinions of critics regarding; not to accept the uniqueness of the narrators narrating from a lot others. In the second section, author conducted an applied study on the transmitters who are not likely to be accepted in their narrations from the one who narrates a lot. As well as, author mentioned the conclusion and stidy results.




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al-Haq , I. ., & Kharroub , D. A. . (2021). Viewpoint of al-Darqu?n? regarding uncertain singularity of transmitter from most frequent ?m?m: Descriptive study. ĪQĀN, 3(01), 31–46.