Mythological Aspect of Iqbal's Poetry in Javed Nama

(Religious and Iranian Mythology)


  • Dr Shahida Yusuf Associate Professor, Riphah International University Faisalabad
  • Muhammad Farooq Baig Lecturer, Riphah International University, Faisalabad



Mythology, Iqbal, Javed Nama, Religious , Iranian Mythology


Allama Iqbal has employed a mythical mode in Javed Nama. Religious legends and stories mostly form the basis of these myths. Multiple references to historical truths and socio-cultural legends have been mythologized.

This article explores the poetic landscape of Javed Nama. Which is brimming with spiritual and historical characters. Images of paradise, hell, and worlds beyond this world are portrayed. Allama Iqbal has guided Muslim Ummah towards spiritual enrichment. He has tried to evoke the aspirations of the Muslim community through the mythical and magical landscape of Javed Nama.




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Dr Shahida Yusuf, & Muhammad Farooq Baig. (2023). Mythological Aspect of Iqbal’s Poetry in Javed Nama: (Religious and Iranian Mythology). ĪQĀN, 5(02), 85–94.