The Review of impacts regarding Sacerdotalism on religious and moral conduct of Christianity


  • Rizwan Elahi
  • Dr. Sajid Asdullah



Christianity, Sacerdotalism, Peter, Bishop, Presbyter, Priesthood, Pope, Testaments


Freedom of human mind, essential to intellectual progress, has been trampled unprecedentedly by the Christian Church, in human history. The despotism displayed by the Priest was unmatchable even to the absolutism, manifested by Alexander and the Caesar. In the middle Ages, when every other institution of society was awakening from slumber of superstitions and advancing towards Renaissance, the church had rooted its totalitarianism with such dexterity that it was unshakable. If it had been exponent of divinity instated of despicable activities, the history of human enlightenment would not have been checked by murk of cruelty, ignorance and usurpation. It is need of our time to wash out the blemish of rigidity, intolerance and fanaticism, thrust upon the face of Islam. To abolish brutality and inhumanity, engulfing the whole planet, it is inevitable to diagnose the origin of this viciousness. In this regard, the exploration of the divine revelation of Testaments may be helpful. It is conjectured that the perusal would be conducive to bring to lime light, the strings of havoc waged in the name of Sacerdotalism. The forces trying to defame Islam in itself have been the epitome of narrowness, dogmatism and bigotry.




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Elahi, R., & Asdullah, D. S. . (2020). The Review of impacts regarding Sacerdotalism on religious and moral conduct of Christianity. ĪQĀN, 2(02), 33–54.