Urdu Quranic Translations & Interpretations by Non-Muslims in Sub-Continent


  • Dr. Sajid Asdullah




Quran,, Interpretations, Translations, Non-Muslims, sub-continent, Hidus, Qadyanis


Islamic literary legacy is diverse and multidimensional in Sub-continent despite its being prone to religious b and the issue of migration integral part of Islamic literary legacy is the Quranic translations & interpretations. The main aspect of these translations & interpretations are the endeavors put forward by Muslim as well as non-Muslim scholars. Keeping in view the endeavors translations & interpretations of Quran, the non-Muslims minorities of sub-continent can be divided into two groups. The first group of part is based on the followers of Judaism, Parsee, Buddhist, Sikhism, Jainism and idols of Kalash whose translations and interpretations is not well known. Whereas, the second group endure Christians, Hindus and Qadyanis. Christians and Hidus consider Quran as non-revealed. Since the style of their interpretations is based on criticism and rejection in aggressive manner. Whereas the interpretations by Qadyanis are focused on religious polarized beliefs and ideologies taking into considerations Quran as revealed. That’s why Qadyanis interpretations are not accepted in Muslim community. The criticism by non-Muslims writers has resulted in rational approach for study of Quran instead of tendency based on esteem among Muslim. This paper represents aforementioned non-Muslims services regarding Quranic Interpretations and Translations which are distinguished in Muslims Interpreters.




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Asdullah, D. S. (2018). Urdu Quranic Translations & Interpretations by Non-Muslims in Sub-Continent. ĪQĀN, 1(01), 23–46. https://doi.org/10.36755/iqan.v1i01.27